Hydra Protective Protective Cream

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Benefit: To bring protection and comfort to the skin.



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Skin Type: Normal or combination skin

Description: Protection and comfort thanks to this day and/or night cream with biostimulines of corn grains which stimulate the cutaneous regeneration. It can also be used locally to counter minor imperfections.
Hydra-Protective Sothys™ has been formulated especially to preserve day after day the original beauty of normal to combination skins. A matt effect formula of hydrating protective actives and stabilized vitamins to maintain the cutaneous balance. The skin is supple, in good condition and perfectly balanced.

The secret of Hydra-Protective Sothys™ : chaparral extract, a resilient plant well-known for its exceptional longevity and ability to survive within a hostile environment. It preserves the intrinsic life of the skin so that it exhausts its natural resources more efficiently. The skin gains dynamism and comfort, its defenses are improved.

Use: After daily cleansing or make-up removal, spread out the cream in little dabs over the face, neck and lower neckline. Gently penetrate the cream by light smoothing movements with the fingertips.

Scent: Floral, Fresh


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