Soothing SOS serum

$445.00 TTD

Skin Type: Sensitive Skin               Benefits: Acts like a cosmetic plaster. After 15 days, the skin is less sensitive to aggression

Active Ingredients: Spa™ Thermal Water – To balance the skin’s tolerance threshold and help skin lastingly reduce its sensitivity.

Blue ageratum leaf algae extra – To soothe and limit the emission of inflammatory messengers at a cellular level.

Brown algae extract – To soothe immediately.



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 Quickly neutralise permanent or temporary sensations of discomfort, and limit their appearance. It works with the rest of the Sothys sensitive skin line to fortify the skin’s immune system and its natural healing functions, thus promoting a healthier appearance. It also helps to balance the skin’s tolerance threshold and lastingly reduce its sensitivity.


Use: Apply all over the face and neck or locally to target areas. (Scent: Fragrance – free)


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